What is the function of magnets in electrics motors?

What is the function of magnets in electric motors?

Electric motors use magnets to create motion. Magnets have a north and south end. South and south attract, as do North and North, while North and South repel each other. Inside an electric motor, there are both repelling and attracting forces from the ends of the magnets, and the two forces work together to move the motor. This can also be explained by the third right hand rule. Having magnets in the motor creates a B field, which, combined with the current (provided by the battery), creates a force that allows the motor to work. The right hand rule in electric motors in present in the below video.

The type of magnet used in an electric motor is an electromagnet. Electromagnets are the key to making electric motors work. Because of the forces caused by the north and south ends of the magnet, the motor would make half a turn before stopping. Once it does this, the B field flips, causing the motor to be able to make its full rotation. This is demonstrated in photo #4

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Simulation of magnets used in multiple kinds of electric motors


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