November 10, 2009

Today in physics we started off with a QOD , and after we talked about the correct answer (the two bullets fell at the same time). After the QOD, we each grabbed either a yellow or blue sheet and we answered the questions at the top. After we finished we were told to find someone with the opposite color sheet and talk about our answers with them. After we had talked for a little while, Mr. Rylander asked us the answers and we all got them correct. Then Mr. Rylander had used more examples with the gun to show when the bullet would hit the ground first. When the gun is pointed up, the bullet that is dropped hits first, but when the gun is pointed down the shot bullet hits first before the dropped bullet does. When the gun pointed straight though, the bullet would drop just as fast as when the bullet was shot. At the end of class Mr. Rylander showed us a demo using a machine to drop and shoot a marble. We had to listen for when the marble dropped to determine if they hit at the same time, and sure enough it did.

November 12, 2009

Today in class we startd off with a QOD. Then Mr. Rylander had a volunteer come up to the board to explain how they did the problem and give the answers.
which are:
After we did the QOD we broke off into small groups and worked on two worksheets. Horizontally Launched projectiles and Projectiles launched at an angle.

November 16, 2009
At the start of class we finished our
Hit the target labs and firgured out the velocity of the ball popper and also found the where the ball would make it inside one of the many cylinders with the two equations we have been given:
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5CDelta%20x%3D%20%5Cupsilon%20i%20(tf)%0D%0A
external image latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=%5CDelta%20y%3D%20%5Cfrac%7B1%7D%7B2%7D%20(g)%20tf%5E2

After we finshed our hit the target labs, we did a QOD.
The answers the the QOD answers are as follows:

1. B; balloon mass and amount balloon was pulled back
2. A; As the launch angle increases, the maximum height increases
3. C; It could have been either 15-30 degrees or 60-70 degrees
4. B; 45 degrees from the ground level and 29 degrees from the roof
5. C; none from the ground level and 60 degrees from the roof
6. B; amount balloon was pulled back

1) Ch 6 Assignment 2 Webassign (TUESDAY 10 PM)
Bonus Question (WEDNESDAY) before the test. Then check your answers on the Simulation page
3) Prepare for TEST WEDNESDAY