- How fast do the blades on a helicopter move?
Alyson - How does gravity work?

Mikey - What is gravity?

Nabeela - How is energy transferred?
Audra - Where is the fastest point on a rollercoaster?
Jessica- How do roller coasters work?

-How much energy is there is a lighting bolt, and how are they formed?
Shelby- How is lightning formed?
Nicole- What is the difference between an open and closed circuit?
Abbey - How does a light bulb work?

- How is sound produced?
Anna - How can you measure sound?
Nicole- How does sound travel?

Rebecca- Does sound travel farther over a cool area or over a warm area?
Harry - What causes the sound of the ocean to occur if you put a seashell by your ear?

- How is light produced?
Corey - How do you measure the speed of light?
Dilan- How are different shades of color produced?
Emily - How do rainbows form?
Abbey - How do rainbows form?
Sammy - how does light through a prism produce the waveslengths of colors?
Missy - Why is the sky blue?
Maggie- why do stars twinkle, but planets do not?

Is it possible to control the growing movements of a plant?
Vince - Is there such thing as magic
Megan- What are the laws of physics, and can I break them?
Jake-How can planetary orbits, based on a gravitational pull to the sun, be broken?