March 3, 2010

Today in class we worked on a lab that explored magnetism and magnetic fields. We did this through a series of experiments. At Station A, there was a set up with a power switch and many compasses. When the power was on, the compasses deflected. This occurred because the magnetic field judges where the needle points, and the current of electricity causes the needle to follow the current. In Station B, we used a power switch to power up a solenoid, and then used a magnaprobe to determine the direction of the magnetic charge. We found the red side of the magnaprobe always points the same way. At Station C, we determined which pole was the north pole by using the magnaprobe. Whichever direction the red side pointed to was the north side. This example also helped us understand how the earth's magnetic field responds, and why a compass always points north. In Station D we found out how to create a magnet. Using the idea of electromagnet, we wrapped a wire around a soft iron nail to create a magnet. This was possible since the current from the battery would flow around creating a charge in an object. However there are many other ways of creating stronger magnets by increasing the current inside the wires. At station E we found out that magnets could travel through object and still affect the magnetized object. This was believable since the magnet moved the staples while the magnet laid under the sheet of paper. But if a magnaprobe is brought near a positive magnet the magnaprobe seems to always point north to the magnet, while south was always the opposite. This meant that the earth was magnetic and north was polarized.

March 4, 2010

Today in class we had a nice little ACT prep class. Mr. Doody started us off by giving us a Science reasoning test with simulated standardized timing. After easily completing the test with time to spare Mr. Doody explained to us that we could go in any time to take ACT practice tests similar to the one we had just taken!! Next came Mr. W who gave us a pep talk about how to take the ACT in general. He told us to make sure that we eat well and sleep well the day before the test because this well prepare our bodies for the test ahead of us. He said a good thing to do is to do some practice problems while eatting breakfast before the ACT class. He gave us goodps like to always guess the same letter and when unsure of answer to go back to it after doing the whole test. He said to do the ones you are sure about and then go the the unsure questions and then guess the ones you have no idea about and the most important thing is to never leave a question blank, fill everyone out with the same letter if guessing. He told us a very sad story about a girl who didn't even guess on her test and it coast her four points. The entire class period was a very helpful in preparing for the ACT that's just around the corner.

March 5, 2010

Today in class we learned about the first hand rule and the second hand rule.

The first right hand rule :
Thumb: in the dirction of the current
Fingers: curl in the direction of the B- field

The Second right hand rule:
Fingers: Curl in the direction of the current
Thumb: goes in the direction of the B-field

We also learned about our upcomming project: How do things work? We were told to post our topics on the wikipage How things work e-book. You are then supposed to create a page for your project and hyperlink your post of your project to your new page.

March 8, 2010
Today in class we learned the Third Right Hand Rule. Then we applyed this rule to worksheets, and we practiced for a quiz that we have tomorrow.
The quiz is on the right hand rules.
Third Right Hand Rule:
Thumb: Direction of current
Fingers: Direction of battery feild
Palm: points in direction of the force on the wire

March 11, 2010
Today in class we continued working on our motors as well as our speakers
and constructed the speaker out of a head jack, can, coiled wire and a magnet.
At the end of class Mr. Rylander said that we should write a paragraph conclusion for each
and explain and see how we think it works figuring it out with the three right hand rules.