Kara- Tonight I performed the table cloth with the set of dishes on it. I set it up on the kitchen table and asked my mom to watch. As we saw in class, I quickly pulled the table cloth straight out very quickly. The result was that the table cloth moved away, but the place setting stayed where it was. Safely unbroken on the kitchen table. The physics behind this is force exerted on a specific object. I applied a rightward force on the table cloth but not the place setting. Newton's first law of motion states that an object at rest will stay at rest, unless it is acted upon. The only object that I applied a force to was the table cloth. Because I applied no direct force to the place setting it stayed at rest. We also saw the same thing happen with the membership card and penny during class.

Nicole- The demo that I decided to show my mom was the penny and inertia cub card demo. First, I showed my mom one time what it looked like, and then I had her try to do it. After a few tries, she was able to do it too. I was able to keep the penny on my finger by flicking the card away, while my mom was able to keep the penny on her finger by pulling the card towards her. After we both completed the demo, we discussed why the penny was able to stay on our finger. The reasoning behind this is Newton's first law. Newton's first law states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. By flicking or pulling the card away, we only exerted force on the card. The penny was initially at rest, with the only force acting on the object being gravity and normal force, therefore the penny stayed at rest. We were able to apply this theory to the other demos we did in class. The plates on the place mat stayed on the table because they were initially at rest, and force was only exerted on the place mat, not the plates. When we did the demo with the marker, the jug, and the hoop, the marker fell into the jug, (which was directly underneath it), because force was only exerted on the hoop, not the marker. The marker was at rest, and the only force acting on it was gravity and normal force. When Mr. Rylander laid down on the nails, he was not hurt by the nails because of the large brick he was holding. The brick was at rest, therefore it stayed at rest.

Shelby- The demo that I did on my family was the penny and card demo that we all did. I did the demo to my dad and little brother. what i told them to do was I jus told them the directions of what had to be done and made them try it before I showed them or talked to them about how to do it. kind of like Mr. Rylander did in class with the demos. But after I had them try they both got it on the first try without me having to tell them how to do it. then I explained to them why this happend. I told them that it was because of Newtons first law that an object that is still wants to stay still and an object in motion wants to stay in motion.