Nabeela: I showed my dad how I did the penny and yellow member card demo. I told him that he had to get rid of the card from under his finger and make sure the penny balanced on the finger. After multiple tries he could not get it. Finally, I showed him what I did and then told him that you have to pull the card really fast. Then I explained to him that the force that allowed the penny to stay is called inertia. Also, I told him when objects are at rest they are likely to remain at rest.

Audra - I showed my parents that when you push a book (put force on a book) and then stop pushing it(stop the force), the book slows down almost immediately. I then explained that this was because of the great amount of friction between the book and the kitchen counter. Once the force (me pushing it) was removed, the greatest force was that of friction which caused the book to slow down and come to a stop.