Magnetic Bracelets:Do They Actually Help Blood to Flow?

5_1_navywhite.pngThese bracelets contain magnets that help to increase blood flow!94a740acf6841c87e16477cb31bc2700.jpg

How Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

The magnets inside the bracelets increase blood flow through the capillaries by creating a magnetic field. When a magnetic field is present, the capillaries inside the wrist detect that there is a magnetic field present. All the cells in the body have a north and south pole. These cells align with the magnetic field in the bracelet. The presence of the magnetic field causes blood cells to seperate within the capillaries as they align with the magnetic field in the bracelet. As the blood cells seperate they flow easier throughout the arteries and reach the heart at a faster rate. The seperation of blood cells to pick up more oxygen and therefore release more energy. This is why magnetic bracelets are worn during athletics. The magnetic field is used in increase oxygen within the blood, giving an athlete more energy. Magnetic jewelery is also used for healing purposes. The increase blood flow increases the rate of healing and reduces pain associated with injury.

Below is a diagram that demonstrates how magnets increase blood flow:


Below is a video that shows how magnetic bracelets benefit health:

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