The reason why the cork points in the direction of the acceleration is becuase of the forces applied. We ussaly dont notice these forces but the cork becuase it is in water show up more readily. The forces that are pushing on us when we accelerate are also pushing on the cork and the cork can be used as a mesauring tool of how fast we are accelerating or how much froce is being applied.

1. Throughout the day i took my accelerometer with me and noticed how the cork reacted throughout the day. What i noticed is that to have the cork point in the direction that i am moving is by leaning the bottle forward. To make the cork go in the opposite direction i am going lean it towards the back.
2. I went on a short car ride with the accelerometer. When i was in the car i had the driver speed up and slower down. When the car speed up the cork would move backwards towards me. When the car slowed down especially when the car abruptly slowed down the cork went forward. When i travel at a constant speed the cork just stayed in the middle. When i turned a corner in went the opposite way i was turning.
3. When jumping off the chair with teh accelerometer the cork stayed in the same position stright up. This was pretty cool because of all of the movement im doing yet the cork stayed still.