Accelerometer Project!

For my accelerometer project, I did two experiments with my accelerometer. The first went as follows. I walked across my kitchen two different times, each with a varying acceleration. The first time I walked to the right, quickly getting faster. In this trial, the cork went in the same direction as I was. At the end, when I quickly stopped, the cork quickly flew to the left - the opposite direction of the way I was walking, before coming back to the center of the bottle. In the second trial, I started walking quickly and slowed down as I was walking. In this trial, the cork went to the left, towards me - the same as it did when I quickly stopped in the first trial. These trials show that in the first trial, I was accelerating to the right, and the second time, I was accelerating to the left. I was accelerating to the right because both the velocity and the acceleration were positive, and I was accelerating to the left because the
velocity was positive, and the acceleration was negative, so they were working against each other! I also realized that the cork moved instead of the water because the water had more inertia than the cork, which meant that, as stated in Newton's 1st Law, that it was more likely to stay at rest than the cork was.

The second experiment I conducted was jumping up and down with the accelerometer. When I jumped up, the cork moved in the direction of the acceleration, which was right. The cork moved to the right because it was a positive acceleration, and a positive velocity. When I was coming back down, the cork moved back to the left, or the center, since the acceleration was negative. These discoveries further showed that the cork moves in the direction of the acceleration.