In the first experiment I tried, I chose to spin around in a circle with my accelerometer. When I did this I noticed that that cork pointed towards me, or the way I was accelerating. In our accelerometers, the cork is showing us the direction of which you are accelerating. In the accelerometer there are two items that we are putting a force on, the water and the cork. The cork was the only thing that moved because the water is more dense or has more inertia. This is like Newton's first law saying, objects that are at rest tend to stay at rest. Because the water had more inertia then the water therefore had the tendency to resist the acceleration that I put on it when I was spinning in a circle. The cork pointed towards me because since I was just moving in a circle that was the only possible way I was accelerating.

The next experiment I tired was driving around with my accelerometer while going to school with my friend. I noticed that as she sped up while driving the cork moved toward the front of the accelerometer. As she slowed down the cork moved toward the back of the accelerometer. While the car was at a constant speed the cork stayed in the middle of the jar. This is all because of Newton's first law. He states that an object that is at rest tends to stay at rest. In our accelerometers there were two objects wanting to stay at rest, the water and the cork. But, because the water had more inertia, it stayed at rest and therefore the cork moved at which ever way the car was accelerating.