In the lab we did last week, I made an accelerometer. What we did is took a clear plastic bottle and filled it up with water and made sure there were no air bubbles. Then I connected a cork to the lid with string and had it dangle down. When you turned over the bottle the cork floated to the top. Also, when you accelerated the bottle to one side the cork moved in the same direction. Newton’s first law says that objects at rest tend to stay at rest. In the bottle both the cork and water were both at rest. When the bottle accelerated the cork moved in the direction of the bottle but the water stayed at rest. This is because the Inertia, which is the tendency to resist acceleration, is greater in water than in cork. One example, of this is a car crash. When you hit a car in front of your car you accelerate and your body gets pushed forwards. This is once again because the mass of the car is greater than your body. Another example of this is water tubing. When the boat is at rest the tube is at rest. When the boat starts to accelerate the tube will start to accelerate because the boat has a bigger inertia.